Sea Flight Necklace

2014 Award for Excellence in Polymer Clay

Thank you for visiting and coming along on my journeys with polymer clay! It’s a fascinating material, giving end results as varied as each person who uses it. I’ve been making beads and jewelry with it, and love experimenting and learning as I go. Sometimes I add other beads. No two pieces are alike. That’s the fun of it!

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7 Responses to Hello!

  1. Melissa Britton says:

    Hello! I just bought a pair of your earrings at the League of NH Craftsmen Fair in Sunapee. I was wondering if it is OK for them to get wet? I tend to leave my earrings in for weeks on end, and that includes showers! I bought a pair for myself in the green/blue color and a pair for my niece’s 30th birthday in her favorite color, red. Thank you!

    • Ann Dillon says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for liking and buying my earrings! I’m guessing you’re talking about the post earrings. It won’t hurt the earrings at all to get wet. The polymer won’t mind a bit. The bezels are bronze, and the posts are stainless steel. So go ahead… enjoy!

  2. Anne Schaffner says:

    Hi Ann! I remember you from UNH days. Scott Hall (I think). Your work is beautiful.
    Anne Schaffner, fka Bunny Barnes, UNH ’66, Venicem, FL

    • Ann Dillon says:

      Hi Anne (Bunny)!
      Thank you for getting in touch! And thank you for the compliment! Look for me on Facebook, too. I have both a personal and an artist page. UNH has many fond memories…

  3. Jenny Jones says:

    I received some earrings of yours as a gift last summer. I love them, as do both of my sisters. I’d love to get them a pair. Do you sell online anywhere? I live in NC.

    • Ann Dillon says:

      Hi Jenny, I’m so glad you like my earrings! Can you send me a photo of what you have, and what you might like for your sisters? I don’t sell anywhere online, but perhaps we could do it through emails. My email is anndillon@yahoo.com

    • Ann Dillon says:

      Hi Jenny,
      I thought I had answered you yesterday, but don’t see my comment here…
      I’m so glad you like my earrings! I don’t, unfortunately, have anything for sale online, but would be happy to work with you through email. Could you please send a photo of your earrings to me at anndillon@yahoo.com ? I hope we can work from there!
      Again, my thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

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